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New Landlord's Procedures For Tenants When A Gas Leak Is Suspected

NYC landlords should be aware of a new requirement issued by the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) regarding gas leaks. 

Local Law 153 is effective starting June 4, 2017 and requires the owner of a dwelling to provide residential tenants with a notice regarding procedures that should be followed when a gas leak is suspected. This information must be provided in at least two ways.

The first requires the landlord to deliver such notice to each tenant AND prospective tenant of such dwelling (all tenant-occupied units, including 1- and 2-family homes) with the lease or lease renewal form for such tenant and prospective tenant.

Secondly, landlords must post and maintain a notice in a common area of the building. Failure to post and to provide the appropriate notice can result in a violation being issued.

The Law Office of Nicholas M. Moccia, P.C. is prepared to assist landlords with compliance. Forms and noticed approved by HPD are customizable for landlord's use are available at our office for clients.

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