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Demand Letter Writing

Demand Letter

Demand Letter Agreement

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

When amicable efforts to resolve a dispute or non-compliance have been exhausted, it appears costly litigation is unavoidable in order to reach a just resolution. But, before plunging into the court system, a strong, professional Legal Demand Letter may be the tool which could resolve your dispute.

What Is Included In A Legal Demand Letter?

The Law Office of Nicholas M. Moccia offers expertise in crafting a forceful Legal Demand Letter. Our approach is to consult with our client to gain a thorough understanding of the dispute. We use precise language to ensure that the message conveyed is a correct, detailed description of our client's complaints and what can be done to avoid a lawsuit. Finally we ensure that the other party understands the severity of non-compliance.

Types of Legal Demand Letter

A Legal Demand Letter can be useful in any dispute which involves a legal matter. It is a cost effective, expeditious approach to dispute resolution. Examples of cases which typically utilize a Legal Demand Letter include:

"For as long as I've known Nicholas he's always been a professional, astute and comprehensive attorney. Although his ability to keep the clients vision in focus is excellent, he also provides clear and helpful insight into the legal process for those who are unfamiliar. He has always been determined to represent the client entirely. Not only has he successfully represented my interests in the past, but I would certainly retain his services in the future. I would recommend using his practice for anyone who is serious about winning their case."

- John F.

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