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eviction attorney


eviction attorney

Representing Landlords, Tenants and Homeowners In Staten Island, Brooklyn and Manhattan

"With a young property business, huge overhead costs and the usual legal liabilities to worry about, I needed a lawyer. Most lawyers I met blew a lot of hot air and cost me fortunes without completing the work needed.


We came across Mr. Moccia, who was helpful from the start. He came right to the point, was always contactable (again, where many are not), was effective and explained everything perfectly without jargon, evasiveness or plain BS. He was able to successfully deal with the issues I had and honestly advised me on the legal battles I could not win. Many lawyers would not be so scrupulous! In so doing, he's been sensitive to my legal requirements and my tight budget.


"New York is a legal shark tank, where a good, honest lawyer is hard to find and is worth his weight in gold. So far, Mr. Moccia has been exactly that. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone."

- Eva Jura - Building Owner/Manager in Brooklyn, New York

"I found Nick Moccia's work to be impeccable. His work was timely and professional. He was able to defeat a lengthy appeals process in court, and I would recommend him to anyone with landlord/tenant problems. Nick's work is excellent."

- Robert D. Bush, Esq. of Chelli & Bush - for 46 years the largest personal injury law firm on Staten Island


"Nicholas Moccia is a great lawyer. He works with you to get the matter settled. His people are also very helpful."

- Paula Cardone - Staten Island homeowner


"Nicholas is a competent, caring attorney who knows the law. He is a gentlemen and it is a pleasure to see him litigate. He is a true advocate for his clients."

- Hattie Ragone- Law Offices of Hattie F. Ragone


"Mr. Nicholas Moccia is a professional attorney and I would highly recommend him. In less than two months he handled my tenant eviction without a problem. His price was reasonable and he communicated with me throughout the process."


- Tamara Usorova- Senior Lead Software Engineer at Thomson Reuters


"Nicholas Moccia is a wonderful attorney. He's very knowledgeable and knew exactly what we needed to do to keep my home. He explained everything and kept me informed about my case. I would recommend Nicholas for any legal issues you might have."

- Bette Ezring - Technician at Verizon



"I needed an attorney to represent me in a legal matter. I contacted and spoke with several lawyers who did not impress me as much as Nicholas Moccia. There are not enough accolades to describe how much I appreciate him. Nicholas is extremely professional, dedicated, honest, thorough, straightforward and keeps up to date on the law. I am extremely grateful for his expertise and recommend Nicholas Moccia to all who are in need of excellent legal representation"

- Jayne Gastaldo - Facilities Coordinator



"I HIGHLY recommend using Nicholas Moccia for your legal needs. He took on my case 1 1/2 years ago, even after I was one year in and the banks showed no intention of helping. Despite this, he took me on and never let up on his efforts to help me come out on top.


After 3 years, the banks finally gave us the loan mod we were looking for and I am 100% certain I wouldn't have gotten here without the services of Mr. Moccia. He will put in as much effort as needed to help you just as he helped me! I recommend him to everyone that needs him!"

- Aris Zorgios - Project Manager at NEAD Electric, Inc.


"Nicholas is a true expert in the field of Landlord-Tenant law. I have consulted him on several occasions, and each time his input was spot-on. I would highly recommend him for any such matters."

- Alexander Malyshev, Esq., Associate - Litigation, Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP


"Nicholas is an up and coming, dedicated and highly competent young attorney. Not only is he skilled in the areas of law he practices, but he writes very informative blogs which, help keep his colleagues and others up to date and knowledgeable on selected legal issues. Nick is also very personable and engaging."

- Alan Katkin, Esq., Founder and former Senior Partner, Angiuli Katkin & Gentile, LLP


"Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, On Time.


Nicholas is very professional and results oriented. He responds at once to questions and provides details which confirm that he has been following up on your case."

- Yanki Tshering



"Nicholas exemplifies the highest grade of professionalism in his practice. As an attorney, Nicholas represents everything that is right about an attorney and right about our profession. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a truly professional experience where one will be serviced to the highest level possible."

- Louis Adimando, Esq., Partner, The Marrone Law Group, P.C.


"Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.


Nicholas is a fantastic attorney, who I'm proud to now call a friend. He gives 110% to everyone he works with -- a trait I deeply admire. You will find an expert and an ally in him and his work. Highly recommended."


-Dr. Errol Gluck 


"Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity.


I have worked at Fried, Frank Harris, Shriver and Jacobson and Sullivan and Cromwell. I highly recommend Nicholas. He is presently representing me in litigation with my Landlord. He is well versed on the law. He will be my ONLY Attorney in the future"


-Madeline Bell 


"Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.


Mr. Moccia has proven himself to be a devoted, hard-working, and a knowledgeable attorney. Will definitely refer to him and will look to use his services in the future. Erik Moore, PhD Clinical Psychologist"


- Erik Moore, PhD


"I am endorsing Nicholas M. Moccia, Esq., in his primary areas of legal practice and expertise: civil litigation, foreclosure matters, and landlord-tenant issues. He is a hardworking attorney who is helpful to people who are in need of his services."


- Suzanne Alexandra Ascher, Esq., CPA, Tax LL.M., Experienced Staten Island Tax Attorney and Certified Public Accountant, Suzanne Alexandra Ascher, Esq., CPA, Tax LL.M.

"Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.


Nicholas is an excellent lawyer and a true professional. Top quality work and service."


- Charles Konig


"Nicholas is a caring, competent and tenacious attorney who has achieved successful results for his clients specifically in the areas of foreclosure defense, landlord and tenant matters, and real estate -related litigation."

-Annamarie G. Gentile, Esq., Partner, Angiuli & Gentile, LLP


"Nick is an exceptional young lawyer. He brings both passion and intelligence to all that he does. His warm demeanor with clients is a great asset."

- Gary C. Angiuli , Esq., Managing Partner/Head of Business, Franchise & Real Estate Group, Angiuli & Gentile, LLP. Attorneys at Law



"I have known Nick since college and admire his attention to detail and passionate advocacy. He is driven to obtain the best possible outcome for each of his clients, and will analyze a problem from every angle to determine the best course of action. Nick is someone you want to have on your side."

- Lynette Paczkowski, Esq., Associate, Bowditch & Dewey, LLP



"Nick is a personable attorney, he helped me to understand clearly my rights as a tenant . Went after my landlord like a pitbull , and although I have a slum landlord he was able to get much needed work done. I would use him again in a heartbeat."


- Deborah Leiva


"I have known Nicholas for over 7 years and can unequivocally recommend him to anyone needing help with foreclosure defense or civil litigation. Mr. Moccia has made per diem appearances for my firm on high exposure personal injury cases and has done an exceptional job. Mr. Moccia is an honest, straight shooter and among the most talented young attorneys I know. Anybody looking for reasonably priced, high quality legal advice need to look no further than Nicholas Moccia."

- Adam Roth, Esq.



"I hired Nick Moccia to help me and my family with difficult, not to say absurd, situation that developed at building where I rented an apartment at the time. Without going in too much details about the case here, I can say that Nick walked me very patiently through each step of the process, explaining it thoroughly, as it is my first law suite ever, I was getting little impatient at times, though Nick has been always very professional, always offered a good advice and thanks to him I re-developed the confidence that there's actually Justice for All in this country. I would recommend Nicholas Moccia as an attorney to anyone."


- Michael Livshyts


"Nick is in my weekly business support group ( Although I have not personally utilized his services, I've heard numerous glowing testimonials of how he has helped tenants and those facing foreclosure."


- Jim O'Keefe, Owner, All Jersey Studios


"I know Nick on a personal level, as we belong to the same fraternal organization, the Freemasons. You can learn a lot about someone from the way they conduct themselves in a "volunteer" organization. How much of a commitment they make, how much effort they make, how they interact with others" In his short Masonic career Nick has had an big impact. He jumped into learning the material by attending workshops at night. He committed to an officer's position with a role in the business of the Lodge. He was quick to make friends with the other new members and with the "old timers". When Hurricane Sandy hit he participated in hours and hours of volunteer work with Hurricane relief in moving, sorting and distributing supplies to those hit hardest. In a very short time Nick has become a valued member of our Lodge and the Masonic Community. I'm sure he conducts his Law Practice with the same integrity and devotion to people that is simply his character. I highly recommend Nick!"


- Rick Huss, Manager, Associated Global Services


"As a volunteer attorney at the Richmond County Bar Association: Volunteer Lawyers Project, Mr. Moccia has gone above and beyond what the program asks to zealously represent each client he has been matched with. He is knowledgeable, personable, and most importantly, attentive to the clients. Mr. Moccia practices law with honest and integrity. The Volunteer Lawyers Project recommends him to anyone in need of legal representation."

- Vincent Scamardella, Esq.



"Highly recommended, pays attention to small details and willing to take that extra step. Makes you feel like a PERSON, not cold and remote like many lawyers are."

- Karlin Chan



"Nick is a young, focused well-prepared attorney. From my own personal experience, he aggressively took on a particular matter that required a well-honed focus and acute knowledge of the law. As a consequence of his preparedness, the matter was resolved well in his Client's favor. I would strongly recommend him."

- Vincent Gallo, Esq., Principal, Vincent J. Gallo, Attorney-at-Law



"Nicholas is a rare breed of Lawyer. The ability to listen to his clients needs and to deliver them the results that they expect is a quality that is hard to find in today's world. He instantly puts his clients at ease with his thorough knowledge of the law and how it relates to their situation. you can be assured that he will give you 100% every time. I never hesitate to recommend him to my clients who are in need of a quality lawyer who has their best interest in mind."

- Anthony E. Soscia, Investment Services, Sovereign Bank



"I hired Nicholas M. Moccia P.C. prior to my divorce to handle my home mortgage modification. I found him to be upfront, honest and gave great attention and detail to my case. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a home modification and any type litigation."

- Paco Soto


"I hired Mr. Nicholas for a real estate case and received an excellent result. He is very professional, reliable and expert in his field. He provided me excellent service at reasonable cost. I always recommend him to my friends and clients."


- Nasir Faizi


"Mr. Moccia is a highly motivated and intelligent gentleman, who is at every level a very professional and easily likeable person. He lends his vast knowledge, experience and perspective to everything he does. I have always found Mr. Moccia to be easily approachable, works well individually as well as in groups and is articulate, organized and efficient. I recommend Mr. Moccia with the highest regard to his professionalism and ability to reach his audience clearly and understandably. His unique approach to problem solving, attentive listening skills and humanitarianism have always made him one of my favorite people to work with. I strongly recommend Mr. Moccia for any endeavor your are seeking his counsel for. Brenda Schaufele Business owner"


- Brenda Schaufele


"For as long as I've know Nicholas he's always been a professional, astute and comprehensive attorney. Although his ability to keep the clients vision in focus is excellent, he also provides clear and helpful insight into the legal process for those who are unfamiliar. He has always been determined to represent the client entirely. Not only has he successfully represented my interests in the past, but I would certainly retain his services in the future. I would recommend using his practice for anyone who is serious about winning their case."

- John Della Fave



"Nicholas professionalism and absolute integrity are hard to come by. In addition, his expertise and warm disposition are an absolute pleasure. I cannot speak highly enough of Nicholas. Highly recommended."


- Juan Ramirez


"Nicholas Moccia is an excellent attorney. He is very assertive and walks the walk."

- Reed Korach



"Nicholas Moccia is a knowledgeable and charismatic attorney. I recommended him for any legal matter."

- Leonardo Ramirez



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