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eviction attorney


eviction attorney

"I've been a client of Nicholas Moccia since September 2016, and he has successfully resolved several very troubling matters for me. Nicholas seems to make a practice of under-promising but over-delivering. First, he was able to evict non-paying tenants who were causing me and my family tremendous grief. Nicholas warned that the eviction may take six months or more when in reality he managed to evict my tenants after only three months. Due to the financial difficulties created by my tenants, I was unable to keep up with my mortgage and found myself in foreclosure. Nicholas also resolved the foreclosure for me, and helped me obtain a loan modification. Although Nicholas cautioned that it would perhaps take over a year to resolve the foreclosure, Nicholas was able to deliver quick results by securing me an affordable loan modification within six (6) months. Nicholas carried me and my family through some very difficult times, and I highly recommend him for anyone with landlord/tenant or foreclosure difficulties.  Nicholas is a fantastic attorney."

- Nick V.

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If You Want To Evict, Call Nick! 

At the Law Office of Nicholas M. Moccia, P.C., we represent landlords and property owners (both residential and commercial) in disputes related to areas including evictions, nonpayment proceedings, holdover proceedings, HP actions, illegal lockouts and property management issues.

We are focused on helping landlords who are dealing with problem tenants, helping them with issues like residential leases, nonpayment of rent and the eviction process.

When a landlord is faced with legal matters, it can be dangerous to attempt to resolve such issues without legal representation. There are a host of state and local regulations and agencies governing landlord-tenant matters, which create many legal pitfalls for those who do not have the guidance of an experienced attorney. The old saying "being penny smart, and dollar foolish" is particularly appropriate to landlords unrepresented in the New York City Housing Court.

We have experience representing landlords engaged with these agencies:

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New York State Department of Buildings Logo

The New York State Department of Buildings

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Property Management Services

In addition to helping landlords with legal issues and dispute, we also provide property management services. We can assist with marketing property, evaluating rental rates, drafting and negotiating leases, and tenant move-outs.



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